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What’s So Different About This Faith-Based Film Compared to Other Films? | Nick Vujicic

Based on true events, one of Epoch Studios’ co-produced latest works, “The Firing Squad,” is set to rivet audiences in thousands of theaters nationwide this coming August. The EpochTV must-watch tells the redemptive story of two drug dealers facing execution and the hope they found in Christ within the walls of their prison.

The film shows that anyone on earth can be redeemed by Jesus and face death in a courageous way. The redemption of the prisoners leads the entire prison camp to Christ in the end. Starring James Barrington, Kevin Sorbo, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Nick Vujicic

Faith-Based Films

Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has an important message for the audience.

“There’s a very important movie called ‘The Firing Squad’ that you must see coming out August 2. This movie is trying to win 1 million souls to Christ, and trying to save many across our nation,” says Mr. Vujicic.

“With all the movies that have been produced in Hollywood, there are many of us Christians who are even criticizing even more harshly some of the Christians who have been called to go to Hollywood industry, if you will, the movie industry to make films that [do] give God the glory. Many people look down upon maybe lower production quality based,” says Mr. Vujicic.

“But can you imagine how many people can be affected through any film that gives God the glory? And we won’t know the glory of God that will be revealed through this film and any Christian film, with good hearts, good intentions and good messaging, to let someone out there know, who’s depressed, who’s anxious, who’s seeking God and doesn’t know,” he adds.

Favorite Scene

Nick Vujicic’s favorite scene in “The Firing Squad” is “seeing the character that no one expects will give his life to Jesus Christ.”

“And that moment is just beautiful. As an evangelist, when we want to tell the world about Jesus, we feel inadequate. And seeing definitely the person orchestrating that service and then doing the altar call, I think it helps everyone understand that God can use everyone to spread His love and the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Incredible True Story

As an Australian, Mr. Vujicic did know about the harsh laws and death sentences for drug trafficking in Southeast Asia and other countries in the region.

“I did know about that generally, but I had no idea about this story. And to know of the impact that these prisoners had on the entire facility for many, many more years on is absolutely a beautiful story I hope everyone knows.”

An Emotional Movie

The movie moved Mr. Vujicic emotionally.

“I think what’s so cool is we can relate to the fact that everyone’s got different pasts. And in this film, it seems as though a lot of them in prison had the same kind of past or at least the same sentence with drug trafficking. I look at that as no matter what sin it is, we’ve all got the death penalty. And as a preacher trying to see more productive ways and creative ways to bring the good news of Jesus, I truly hope that even the young kids will be encouraged with this story.”


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I haven’t even seen the movie yet but anything that brings the story of our salvation thru Jesus is 5 stars in my book!

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