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Pay it Forward
( Purchase tickets for schools, churches, organizations, and prisons )

What is the Pay it Forward Program?

Through your generous contribution, we provide FREE tickets to individuals who may not otherwise be able to see the movie. Your support enables us to reach out to schools, churches, organizations, and prison ministries, touching hearts and minds in diverse communities.


What is the Benefit?

Your donation enables others to experience the power of faith in action. The Firing Squad, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry McGuire, Selma) and Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead), tells the powerful, TRUE story of how prisoners facing death actually find life—in Jesus. The film reminds us that life's challenges—the "firing squads" we all face—can lead us to new beginnings if we have faith.


The Million Souls Campaign

With the release of the movie, we are promoting the “Million Souls Campaign” with the goal of reaching a million people with this transformative message. Join our pay-it-forward program to help us achieve that goal. Together, we can show the world the transformative change that Jesus makes in our lives. With Jesus, every “firing squad” we face can lead us to LIFE, not death.


Donate to 'The Firing Squad' - Buy tickets for churches, schools, organizations, prisons, etc.

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