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‘The Firing Squad’ Screening in Manhattan on March 30

the firing squad film

The highly awaited movie “The Firing Squad” will be screened at 6:00 p.m. at the AMC Empire 25 theaters in Manhattan, New York, on March 30.

The film is based on the incredible true story of Christian prisoners who face execution in a third-world country and their redemption that leads the entire prison camp to Christ.

The film stars James Barrington, Kevin Sorbo, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Madeline Anderson. Director Tim Chey, along with cast members James Barrington and Tupua Ainu'u, will attend the screening.

“All of us here at Epoch are so very excited about ‘The Firing Squad,’” said Epoch Studios Executive Producer Sally Sun. “Tim Chey did a masterful job on the film that has brought many people to tears.”

The film is earning rave reviews at pre-screenings across the country.

This is the first major theater release for Epoch Times/Epoch Studios.

What People Are Saying

“Please see this amazing movie. I promise you it will make even a grown man cry. The filmmakers want to win 1 million souls to Christ. Think about that. What movie wins even one soul? Support this film with everything you got. Get out of your chair now. God bless!” said legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

“Every Christian should see this film. Run, don’t walk to the theaters. It’s produced by Epoch Times, which is one of the most powerful faith-based, pro-freedom of religion media companies in the world. The reaction has been tremendous and this is the tear-jerker movie of the year. The movie asks the right question. Would you deny Jesus if your life depended on it?” said Hall of Fame singer Randy Travis.

“Greatest film I’ve ever seen. Blew me away at the end,” said a moviegoer in Orlando, Florida.

“It made everyone in my party cry. We all cried,” said a moviegoer in Los Angeles, California.

“I’m still crying even after coming out. Incredible movie,” said a moviegoer in Nashville, Tennessee.

“The packed crowd at this theater was jaw-dropping and amazing. People were sitting in the aisles to see the film,” said a moviegoer in Greenville, North Carolina.

About The Epoch Times and Epoch Studios

The Epoch Times is one of the top media companies in the United States and Epoch Studios is a TV/film studio.

Get involved

Two Options:

  1. For Yourself - Become part of this incredible film through investments. Invest in 'The Firing Squad':

  2. Give to Others  - Pay it Forward and help others experience the film: Donate to 'The Firing Squad' to buy tickets for churches, schools, organizations, prisons, etc. Support the cause here: 

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