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Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kevin Sorbo to Attend ‘The Firing Squad’ Movie Screening at Warner Bros Studio

Feb. 27–Los Angeles, CA

The highly-awaited screening of ‘The Firing Squad’ at the Warner Bros. studio will be attended by Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. and well-known Christian actor Kevin Sorbo.

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Based on the incredible true story of Christian prisoners who face execution in the third world, their joy in Christ wins over the entire prison camp.

The Epoch Times and Epoch Studios are helping release the film to 2,500 theaters across the United States and the world in August 2024.“Cuba has become a prayer warrior,” said Director Tim Chey. “I just prayed with him today over protection on ‘The Firing Squad’ film and he’s all about Jesus.”

Mr. Chey and Mr. Cuba last worked together on the seminal film “Freedom” about the early life of John Newton, which hit historic viewing records on Showtime.

This is Epoch Times/Epoch Studios’ first major theater release.“Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Kevin Sorbo were tremendous actors and had everyone in tears at the screenings in Nashville,” said Sally Sun, executive director of Epoch Studios.

“Kevin Sorbo is another man of God who was so wonderful to work with,” said Mr. Chey. “He introduced the film at the NRB and was surrounded by people praying for him and the film.”The film is earning rave reactions at screenings across the country.

The film team is still raising $10 million in advertising funds to take “The Firing Squad” to 2,500 theaters nationwide in August 2024.

The film team is hoping they will open #1 at the box office in August–all for God’s glory.

With the potency of the funds, combined with The Epoch Times’ millions of subscribers, the film team believes they can reach the top spots at the box office on Aug. 9, 2024.

Paul Lauer of Motive Ent (“The Passion of the Christ,” “The Shack,” “Narnia,” “Son of God,” “Heaven is for Real”) is the official marketing representative of “The Firing Squad” and will also be attending the premiere to help the film.“

The Firing Squad”

In Theaters August 2024

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