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We dedicate this film to the Christians who were

executed by firing squad in Indonesia on April 29, 2015.

We want you to join us

  • ‘The Firing Squad’ production was completed in November 2023.

  • The film is based on the true story of Christians who faced execution by firing squad in a third-world country.

  • Starring James Barrington, Kevin Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”, “Let There Be Light”), Cuba Gooding, Jr.

  • This Movie is powerful. For Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., this role wasn't just another character; it was a life-altering experience that led him on a journey to discover the profound solace of Christianity.

  • A Landmark for Epoch Studios: Marking their first foray into faith-based cinema, Epoch Studios recognizes the potential of "The Firing Squad" to pave the way for more inspirational films in this genre. The film's success is crucial in establishing a foundation for future faith-oriented projects under the Epoch Times banner.

  • We believe we can open #1 at the box office nationwide in August 2024.

  • Faith-based films released in theaters nationwide have an extraordinary return on investment.

  • Minimum investment is $100. Maximum investment is $10 million.

  • We are raising marketing funds of up to $25 million. These funds will pay for TV ads, billboards, buses, radio, social media, and screenings across the country.


From Darkness to Redemption:

Witness the Power of Faith in the Face of Death.

We have a Big Plan

Be our partners

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Get Involved

Be part of the making as we release ‘The Firing Squad’ into 2,500 theaters nationwide on August 23, 2024!


  1. We aim to reach a wide audience with this movie.

  2. Our goal is to offer comfort and happiness to those facing mental struggles.

  3. Our message to the world is clear: "God exists."

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